Women vs Men and equal rights

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Post by Brown Eyed Beauty » Fri Oct 26, 2007 8:04 pm

Yes i acknowledge the points you've made Miss S however i still disagree.

It's that school of thought that i'm failing to understand. Just because women breast-feed etc. why are men only allowed such a small amount of time?

I'm not saying they should have the same or more than the mother but surely they deserve more than a couple of weeks? I've seen a family who were quite largely affected by this difference, which is why i brought the subject up in the first place?

Some families need time to adjust to having a baby in the house e.g. waking up routinely at nights for the feed. Yes only the mother has breasts but the father has ears too :) which are affected by the crying and so these father's might have to drag themselves into work every day while the mother may relax or recover a bit because she's on maternity leave and he isn't. I'm not saying thats true in all cases but it is in quite a lot which I don't necessarily find fair.
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