Jhoom Barabar Jhoom was really, really

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Jhoom Barabar Jhoom was really, really

Post by -MissS- » Fri Jun 15, 2007 2:20 am

..... not worth it.

I saw it tonight. First half was a p!ss take, second half was "okay". But not enough to say "OMG YOU MUST SEE THIS MOVIE!"

No substance, no new story line, no twists, just a little comedy here and there, light entertainment, and Mr Bachan without an actual real role to play.

I wish I stayed home. Cos the journey coming back from Star City wasn't all that great either.. half of Birmingham is flooded and there were a lot of roads closed off and burst pipes and gushing water left right and centre!

2/10. 2 points for the main title song which was kinda catchy :)
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Post by SEXC_BOI » Mon Jun 18, 2007 5:55 pm

awww i was expectin it 2 b a classic yash raj aswell :( the music video of the title song looked really good 2, plus my favourite actress is in it, ah crap hate it when i see crap reviews with her in d movie, oh well i may still watch it wen it comes onto 2 dvd :P

Aww ur rite the weather was so crap but 4 me it wasnt i suffer from hayfever so it was like a nicely timed break 4 mewhilst every 1 else suffered 4 a change, cruel i know but lifes a b***h :P

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