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Post by -MissS- » Mon Apr 24, 2006 5:40 pm

<span style='color:orange'>I saw this film last Wednesday.. wow! I have to say I was impressed.

First half (as usual), I thought, this film isn't really going anywhere, it just looks like another love story on the surface. Although, right from the beginning I could already see some very wise morals seeping through regarding people who discriminate others based on the "caste system".

But what struck me most about this film was the way it developed.. the intricacy of it, the wisdom and intelligence, and the spiritual concepts exposed through the "mystic love story".

Putting "caste system" aside, you can say what you want - people everyday, regardless of religion/caste/social status, they DISCRIMINATE against people who are different to them and think less of them. Perhaps because they are a different religion, perhaps because they seem "lower" in soceity.

But this film really beautifully portrayed how a "very high caste" person thought very low of a "very low caste person", when infact the "low caste" person was MUCH closer to God than he would ever be.

This film to me is pure art, and definately worth checking out, for those who are open to new opinions on spirituality.

I'd give it, 8/10. Definately one of the more better films I've seen recently.</span>

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