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Post by -MissS- » Mon Apr 24, 2006 5:50 pm

<span style='color:orange'>I rented this on DVD couple of nights ago!

In a nutshell, off-beat, fast paced, intelligent and humourous.

Nana Patekar never ceases to amaze me - every single film he's been in, there's always some skill to it! And John Abraham, well apart from being devastatingly gorgeous, he slips in to his role in this film, like a hand slips in to a glove.

The movie starts off with a fairly simple concept, but develops to show how such a small matter can be blown totally out of proportion by two people who are as stubborn as each other. If you know someone who is this stubborn, and always thinks they are right, and are always looking down on everyone else, then I suggest you make them see this!

As usual, the morals of the story revolve around materialism and family values (eventually), which is always good to hammer back in to soceity's heads.

And if you think it revolves around the meeting of two people as a central love story theme, then you're wrong! One relationship goes down the toilet when somebody realises some people will only stick by you based on materialistic reward. Another becomes stronger than it was before.

Overall, I really enjoyed this film, considering I had just had a long (and weird) day at work. Another strong 8/10 from me. </span>

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