IMPORTANT NOTICE AsianMix Radio Update Feb 2008

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IMPORTANT NOTICE AsianMix Radio Update Feb 2008

Post by SparkyDarky » Thu Feb 07, 2008 8:12 am

We would like to remind all AsianMix members & Guest that we have now made a major update to AsianMix Radio!!!

AsianMix Network have now added 'AsianMix Active' playlist which will be updated every 24-48 hours bringing you even more better entertainment whist there is no LIVE presenter or Dj on Radio.

For those who tune into AsianMix radio on a regular bases will be happy to know that we have improved the track listings so that you do not hear same tracks repeating over again & again UNLESS they either are unsigned for music or NEW or out on Demo by producers or artists

We would be great full if you could leave us a feedback on this post!!!

If Members or Guest would like to add there favorite tracks to the 'AsianMix Active' please forward us your tracks on the following e-mail address

*Please Note do not add the above email addresses to your instant messengers as they are strictly used just for e mails ONLY!!!

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