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Post by kikass » Tue Jul 25, 2006 3:59 pm

Here is our spit since it started
be sure to read em all b4 u vote
its time to call n end to this battle we decided this wud be the best way todo it.
Im only postin mine n his battle no1 eles.


<span style='color:red'>MENACE:
Ite Its Menace u dunt knw bout me u cnt test me lyrically leave u callin out for ur mummy once im finished have u suckin on ya dummy im from the streets like young jeezy dnt h8 me just bless it ent my fault ur face a mess</span>

Yo my names Kikass n thats wat i do
you wanna test go head i dare u menace
time to bring out all the spit fires ready for ww3
i bring mayhem in all the streets im worse then dennis
i shoot, stab i kill if you push me
this aint no love poem get rid of the violines
i dont wanna be your friend boy im ur enemy
you think you gonna have me sucking a dummy
but its tym for you to face reality
End of da day u ent gna like me
still soo many fings u dunt know bout me
ill give you the chance to walk out the door
i promise i wont come infrunt like the ***** you call homie
but fire on me n ill be blazin untill round infinity

<span style='color:red'>MENACE:
u ent bad kikass
but keep up coz i spit fast
less than 30 secnds it'll be all ova
i'll hav u blown like da 2 towa
You Can't F*** Wiv Me
I Ent Sayin Im A Lyrical G
But Go On Sik I'll Call Osama Bin Laden
2 Drop A Bomb In Ya Back Garden

im a starter in this game
I step on stage gt em screamin ma name
Drop ma **** u out like a candle flame
U hit back but no damage done aww wah a shame
Cheer up u gt defeated by the best
So did the rest
Nt much u cn do
U’ll be in 2 once im thru!
Im still goin on strong
Gna be on top for long
Still in 1 piece
U a rookie try testin ma niece
She’ll rip u jst like dat
U can diss all u want
End of da day u knw ma lyrics r phat</span>

yo so looks like you back but that **** aint hot
you be droppin baby spits just to stay on top
i aint got nuffin to prove i just love to clap back
you love your 4 liners so im tellin u stick to that
im on the bottom spittin my way up the ladder
you cant be at the top your ass is only a 4liner
this a raw game ***** no room for error
im a violant motherfocer i kill you 4times over
hang with the mafia make money everytime the dice rollover
aint passd ma test yet but i drive like crazy
there are rules to this game you gotta stay equipt
you dissed the wrong kid imma wash you off like a tsunami
your time is over this kikass takin over
i aint startd with u yet im jus tellin u the facts
you either roll with me or u gona get rolled over

<span style='color:red'>MENACE:
yo kikass dnt mention ma name wen u spit
i ent ur homie
u dunt know me
goin on like ur sum legend
boy u ent eva get mentioned!
so tke ya smelly ass bk 2 where u from
coz i started dis and i dnt want ya in dis forum!
so y dnt ya kik ya ass outta here
and start sayin a prayer
coz u **** wiv ma homie
im gna **** wiv ur destiny!</span>

Menace haha step us b*tch
your turn boy wat ya got
aint nobody feelin ya, i set this forum alive b*tch
im the damm reason there so much attention here
im the ****** reason you aint shining
damm boy i told you already
**** with me i **** with u million times over
you b*tch i warnd you to stick to thm 4 liners
this freestly aint your style
give up while ur behind coz im out to murda

I swear you is a stupid ************
i aint called u my homie once
you lil sh*t bag takin the easy way out
you no that Hacker was gonna finish you
oops my bad he already has dun
now this down to hacker i wanna test if he smart or stupid
coz we both dissed n u called him homie
i duno bout him but i think u dun it to save urself from futher embaresment

<span style='color:red'>MENACE:
like i sed i ent no mc im doin dis for fun
but damn im givin u nuf competition!
u go on all sick
tellin other GUYZ u got a big ****!?!
u ent nufin
tryna freestyle naaa kid u bluffin
u sayin wah u wrote was a freestyle?
u been on dis forum for a while
finkin 4 2 hrs 'man wah shud i write'
and u cme up wiv shite!
dnt try tlkin ya way outta it
u knw im ryt
lookin thru da dictionary for rhymin wrds
once u thru wiv ma lyrics ill have u fallin backwards!
i ent shinin? man stop lyin
i get big ups on da radio gals be leavin comments
so wah mkes u fink that u shinin??
ur lyrics dunt even make sense!
goin on like u from da hood
stop kiddin me ano u camped outsyd in tents!
beggin on da street just about mkin ya cents
i stuck wiv ma boy hacker coz he ent a wannabe like u
u shud try savin yourself da embarassment
by changin ya name
coz its puttin ya 2 shame
u ent gna get to the top
wiv a name like dat
actually u neva mkin it full stop!
now dnt tke it personally alotta people try and fail
u all can keep tryin but ill always prevail!!</span>

Yo whos this ***** boy thinkin he mad it big
your rhymes so weak its like waitin 4 a baby to lift 1kg
I stole the mic frm you so all eyes on me
im gonna rip you apart like Dj Cobras remixes
ill burn you like a cd ill make it a classic
gonna have the whole world shoutin KIKASS b4 u no it
im on fire gonna have ur house blazin
I don’t care who you roll with bring em over
ill roll em over like a big lawn mower
you a stupid *** ****** I thot u wudda nown better
how u gonna attack without any body armour
you shudda now better then to **** with a soldier
a soldier that’s on top a soldier that’s gonna bomb ya
I aint listenin to ur spits all you do is chat ****
im like bla bla bla b*tch change the topic
here it goes again my names embarresin
that’s shits so old its like a grandfather clock that stopd workin
so come back wen u got summin half decent
please make sure its worth me battling coz i dont like ppl time wastin
aint like you mr.internet gangster twenty four seven

<span style='color:red'>MENACE FINAL ATTAK:
man my lyrics r weak?
read ur own like u sprung a leak!
u gts 2 stop swearin in ya 'freestyles'
it dunt mke ur lyrics ne better
i fyt wivout body armour
coz people like u dnt phase me
all u cn do is envy me
love me or hate me
im gna shine
i step on stage and make it mine
all eyez on u coz u a freak!
2 judge hus betta from me and u
i fink we shud let da asianmix crew speak!</span>

Yeh ok lets get a poll n see who wins, but you had your shots this my round now
iv dug your grave time to put u init haha this the final pay attention every1 make sure u read all our enteries KIKASS N MENACE b4 u vote

Yo im goin all out is that wat you think
this is my final round b4 the judges to they thing
its been an easy battle I aint even broke a sweat
you aint seen the best of me you shudda tried me harder
i wudda killed u by now but I don want ur unborn to be a b*sterd
im on fire I told you this I’ll have u burnt like plastic
i don’t envy you, wat don’t hurt me makes me stronger
now u think your bad your sat 15inch back behind ur pc screen
your phone never go ring ring ring door never ding ding ding
that’s why you always on asianmix just hate hate ting
you lost all rounds now u gonna loose the war like u lost ur love life
like Mario winans she don’t wanna no you no wat im on about “no more then friends”
now I aint gonna go into this any further
but ask yaself this can u really blame her
get yourself sorted you shoot nuthin but sperm out ur nostrils
I told you not to f*ck with me im like venom on ur conscience
I kill you from the inside out whos the 1 with the head down now
you was nothing but talk talk talk now its time 4 u to walk walk walk
after this final vote I shud end up at the top
im gonna be shoutin f*ck you MENACE on my victory lap

<span style='color:yellow'>JUDGES: THE REST IS DOWN TO YOU.</span>
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Post by hilly » Thu Jul 27, 2006 3:40 pm

haha kiass u killin him :D

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Post by popeye » Thu Jul 27, 2006 4:37 pm

hilly roll yaself outta here its all about ma boy Menace! eventho da man ent freestyled b4 he dropped sum heavy lines on kikass BRAAAPP menace all da way!

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Post by kikass » Thu Jul 27, 2006 4:55 pm

yo yo peeps get votin KIKASS you no i won this **** so make it official, oh n u menace fan how much he payin you haha i won him n he knows it, if i dont come out on top of the poll i still now n he still no that i kikkkd his asss (ha) give da link out !!!!
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Post by DJ King FAB » Thu Jul 27, 2006 9:04 pm

What the hell is all this?..I log in and this site is gone all 8 mile on me ass!..chill...too hot out as it is! B)

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Post by fameeda » Thu Jul 27, 2006 11:17 pm


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Post by ShawnJawntheSinger » Fri Jul 28, 2006 12:21 am

you know menace be mah boi so i gotta represent for him but aye yall as in ANYBODY take me on yall rap like my grandma and englishh class poems ha holla at a real nigga on the mic i spit fire

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Post by Sunnah » Fri Jul 28, 2006 12:57 am

:blink: thats a lot of readinn..!!
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Post by Menace » Fri Jul 28, 2006 5:21 pm

Kikass u got one fan!! bless ya and i dunt need 2 pay anyone 2 write down comments for meee der just speakin der mind! btw fameeda thanks :$ and every1 out der hu voted for moi! :D

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Post by king b » Fri Jul 28, 2006 9:58 pm

i agree with cobra u gots to get 1 judge this poll is sum long ting and i gots to agree wiv cobra kikass ur lyrics r way too long they get borings as u go along whereas Menace got sum gd lyrics and they make much more sense but big up 2 both of yaz peace!

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Post by kimz » Fri Jul 28, 2006 11:41 pm


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Post by desi21 » Fri Jul 28, 2006 11:42 pm

Cobra do you think 2pac made it big because his songs had lots of rhyming, i dont think you no your rap music.
Kikass had better lyrics menace's was good but it didnt have that "battle fude" feelin in them.

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Post by kimz » Fri Jul 28, 2006 11:47 pm


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Post by Brown Eyed Beauty » Fri Sep 28, 2007 12:52 pm

Menace rules.. woooh! Nice lyrics from both competitors..
The world's not getting smaller, there's just less in it.

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Post by That_Kid » Sun Oct 14, 2007 9:21 pm

Brown Eyed Beauty wrote:Menace rules.. woooh! Nice lyrics from both competitors..
lol thanks :D

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