Does anyone get this

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Post by Militant » Wed Oct 11, 2006 6:36 pm

Erm just for verification and explanation... No idea how old this post is, I never come on here but anyway...

Spybot search and destroy (like rukaya said) will scan and "Immunize" your system from repetitive instances of the same problem occuring.

A registry cleaner will scan your registry and remove all "bad" strings and keys.

I'd recommend you keep in your artillary of cyber weaponry and defense softwares:

<span style='color:orange'>Prevx1</span>

<span style='color:orange'>Ewido anti-soyware</span> (think they've partnered with an anti virus group now)

<span style='color:orange'>Avast4</span> (free home anti virus)

<span style='color:orange'>Zone Alarm </span>(or some other firewall)

PS... Most of you don't bother, but just keep 1 "Keylogger Remover" zipped up somewhere in your folders because 1 day it'll come in handy.


Oh and erm about the popup lol...

If you view the source of the page you visit, it'll be embedded in their, it's not actually something on your computer... So spybot search and destroy just stops it from being allowed to show up in a window.

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