Lifes Injustices

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Lifes Injustices

Post by xZubdax » Sat May 19, 2007 1:08 pm

[ιм ѕтιℓℓ тнιикιиg σf α иαмє fσя тнιѕ σиє!]
[ι ∂σит єνєи киσω ωнαт ιѕѕ αвσυт.. ]
[ι кιи∂α נυѕ ωяσтє ωнαтєνєя ¢αмє ιитσ му нєα∂]

Im writing this one for those in need;
Who i cant feed.
Yet, im sending them my love
Cause we all came from above.

Some got more..
Cause there life wasnt on shore.
Some got less;
Cause their life wasnt a mess.

Its jus a tear in anothers eye
Make me sink low and sigh
I feel YOUR pain
Yet theres nothing more to gain.

This isa world of greed
In which some do and some dont succeed.
I think about you sometimes;
Money, drugs, guns and other crimes.

Id want my kids to be safe
Live ina nice place.
Have intentions to please-
Wondering wether the world will cease

Hunger and poverty
With issues of dishonesty
Truths of tears in their eyes:
Shallow lullabuys-
Unstoppable crimes

Reminds me of those in need
Desperate forone good feed!
Our selfish deeds.

While people die in their dreams
Whilst war rips them apart
& Life asks them to depart

Conflict raging their houses down
We dont hear a sound
So today i freely accrue
& Ask you to break through

To give as much as you take
To give others a break!

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