Israel & Palestine

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Israel & Palestine

Post by -MissS- » Tue Jul 04, 2006 7:20 pm

There always seems to be extensive news coverage of this situation.

However, if you ask your average non-Muslim person walking down a street what they think of the whole thing, mostly they will not understand the situation properly, or will think it doesn't matter to them.

How much does Israel matter to you?

Is it only important for Muslims, or should it affect non-Muslims?

Does the media do enough to educate everyone on the bare facts?
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Post by -MissS- » Tue Jul 04, 2006 7:29 pm

To get this started, here are my personal thoughts:

* I feel like it's been in the news so much that the topic bores me
* It can be important to some non-Muslims, because it is another reminder of the black hole in politics and the fact that the whole thing was done illegally anyway
* Since everybody already knows politics is a dirty game, and that it hasn't been resolved for so long, I think it makes it more easy to ignore.
* I feel like it matters to more Muslims because of the amount of attack and stereotyping through media in recent years after the 9/11 attacks.

Those are just my opinions before anybody starts to prove me wrong :P Let me know what you guys think..

PS This is a potential topic for Saturday night's show depending on the response here.
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Post by C.I.A » Fri Aug 10, 2007 1:49 am

i agree that non-muslims may not b as interested as muslims and that can be down 2 a number of reasons, they may simply not care, they may not knw what is actually going on as media is always changing their minds and decieving people, even as a muslim personally speakin i watch out for it but dont really get into it as much bcos 2 b honest i dont really know why ther in d news all the tym, i hear bits ere n der but i feel the media or government should definetly introduce ways of helping the younger people and give the non-muslims more info on what is happening and why! thats what i think anyways :$

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Post by cuzzy » Sun Sep 30, 2007 1:28 pm

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict, is probably one of the more sensitive issues that is discussed. Nearly everyday we hear things about this topic on the tv showing horrific images or video footages yet the government nor the media does anything about it :roll: its either because they dont know whats going on or they simply dont care.. the U.S. and European governments are an integral part of the conflict be honest theres not much ive studied about this topic and tis probably because im sick of hearing it on the news.....both Leaders cannot come to a mutual conclusion..their so called 'peace' plans failed dramatically whats next? :x
I don't think the israel or palestine government would come to a GOOD or SENSIBLE agreement and even if they do theres always going to be a few that will oppose and form groups and carry on destructiing and causing havoc on the lands :evil:

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Post by Brown Eyed Beauty » Sun Sep 30, 2007 6:24 pm

The involvement of other countries has greatly affected this whole conflict e.g. USA. At first it seemed this was a solution because it was the only way these countries wouldnt declare a fully fledged war. However it seems it has worsened matters in the long run.

I found an article online:

---The effect on the Palestinians has been devastating. Abo-Sak described the many ways in which they suffer in the region, including this description of life in Gaza by Sara Roy, who reported the results of a survey of 3000 Palestinian children ages 8-15 conducted by the Gaza Community Mental Health Program:

93% of these children had been tear gassed
85% had had their homes raided
55% had witnessed their fathers beaten
42% had been beaten themselves
31% had been shot
28% had had a brother imprisoned
19% had been detained
3% had suffered a death in the family
69% had been exposed to more than 4 types of trauma---

It seems Israel hasn't been as greatly affected but civilians have still been killed and this is obscene.

Things like this shouldn't be happening and i think the media should start concentrating on matters like this more than other less important issues e.g. the environment. I'm not saying thats not serious or should be disregarded but global peace matters more in this world than having enough trees (well it does to me because i'm not a particular tree-hugger.. more a people-hugger :wink: )
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